About Me

Food is precious, so is the time to eat and the body you are fueling... Good food only please!

My kids eat vegetables and join me in the kitchen for foreign food Fridays. My husband brings bizarre ingredients home like sugar cane and durian and knows I'll figure it out. We food-trip as a family through the growing season to local producers of anything that grows.

I'm concerned with the current state of family nutrition and am working on contributing to the solution.
I never say no to an invitation to dine with friends and will never show up empty handed. My favorite meals are thrown together with whatever everybody has on hand, seasoned with generous laughter, enjoyed over a glass of red. Gathered around my table for a planned event I promise you will eat something I've never made before. I don't believe in being safe...I believe in knowing what you're dealing with and how to deal with it. Yes, there have been experiences gone bad but a fabulous dessert will always wash the memory.

I read cookbooks cover to cover like romance novels. I believe in kitchen gadgets. I've not yet met a food I wouldn't cook, I have however met a few I would not eat (those I pass to my husband - "Give it to Mikey, he'll eat anything" he will!)

Life is an adventure fueled by great food, cooking is fabulous therapy.

Eat well, Live well, Laugh often