The Backstory

The blog title Smothered in Butter is a nod to how we should live...All in, your best life, from the heart. Not a recommendation to set yourself up for heart disease.

This it the very first post from Smothered in Butter....a pretty good explanation of where I'm coming from and where this Blog is going

I Eat, I Cook, I Write, I Laugh, I Don't Do Dishes...explained

By nurture, I am a foodophile. This I am very aware stems from many summers spent in my grandfather's garden and in my grandmother's apron pocket. I have grown, harvested and prepared real food. I've spilled peas in the grass and eaten carrots covered in dirt. I know what true food tastes like.

Good food captures my attention. I eat

When I was old enough to reach the stove top I took up the cooking challenge. Partially out of curiosity, partially out of necessity. I was twelve, circumstances found me with two younger brothers starving at the hands of a college age babysitter who couldn't burn toast, it was cook or die. I survived and married a man who appreciates fabulous food.

Great food captures my imagination. I cook.

By nature I am a wordophile. The source of this love of words is not so easy to pinpoint, although I suspect it to be a splinter from my father's branch of the tree. Our home is littered with words, many of them captured in cookbooks and food magazines. I reached a point last fall that I needed a place to store my words; I began The Space Between Raindrops a blog devoted to capturing my family's gratitude.

Words collect in my brain and clutter my thoughts. I write.

The Space Between Raindrops is meant to shine a light on the things my family and I are grateful for. It was an eventuality that I needed to start devoting a day each week to my love of all things gastronomical; Tuesday - Fooddays. Asparagus is officially in season in our region, tomorrow is my annual pilgrimage to the asparagus farm. After asparagus comes rhubarb, strawberries, beans, peas, onions. The Space Between Raindrops is in danger of loosing its identity and morphing into a food blog.

Writing about food ignites a passion, I love my Gratitude blog. Smothered in Butter will be devoted to food.

Life is a challenge. We are a busy family with appointments and classes, sports and meetings. We have drama and bills just like everyone else. There is enough to be serious about. Food should be a source of joy, an excuse to interact, Cooking is fabulous therapy.

How you approach life is a choice. I laugh.

We all have things we detest. If we are lucky, we live or work with people we can source those tasks to. I don't do dishes.

Smothered in Butter is actually a selfish endeavour, a place to indulge my need to create, a place to record my culinary findings and share my love of cooking and great food. There will be pieces like those you can read from the links to the right. there will be recounts of meals and reports on my experience preparing the recipes from the stars of the culinary world. Of course I'm looking forward to recording the wonders of my farm visits. Like a great meal I'm going to start with a really great inspiration and build the flavour, the menu and the complexity. I can't wait to see what hits the table when it all comes together.

Food is always at it's best when it is presented to an appreciative audience. I'd love for you to follow along, share your thoughts and tips.

First food post will be tomorrow. As long as the sun is shining I'm off to the Asparagus Farm, but only of the sun is shining, I've learned from my asparagus farmer that the best and sweetest asparagus is not picked on a gloomy day.

Eat well, Live well, Laugh often